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Andre Vicente Goncalves

A fascination with nature that began when he was a child led Portuguese photographer André Vicente Gonçalves to capture nature in all its diversity on camera. Eventually, that passion led Gonçalves to ditch a year’s study in computer science to concentrate on his first love, photography. Switching to a degree program in that discipline, he pursued his passion and never looked back.

A wise decision. Since graduating with honours from Universidade Lusófona with a degree in photography, Gonçalves has already impacted his profession with two stunning works, Windows of the World, and Doors of the World, both of which arose out of his growing appreciation for the world’s architecture.

As diverse as that of nature, each region’s architecture has its roots within not only its history, but in its culture, its language, and its very personality, Gonçalves observed. Both of his works document that diversity with photographs of doors and windows from various parts of the world. His eye for detail, as well as for the story behind each photo, has captured the world’s attention.

Interviews from some of the world’s finest news organisations, including CNN and the Huffington Post, have helped spread the word about the young photographer’s work. Perhaps the intrigue lies in the story itself, for as he puts it, “it’s not always the most famous buildings, nor the most opulent, wherein lie the best stories.” The wear of time—the tragedy of war or the rebirth of life afterward—is the stuff of Gonçalves’ work.

To find the story behind every shot, his powers of observation drink in the visual atmosphere wherever he goes. Always looking for the perfect balance of light and dark, the exquisite play of colours within each scene. That’s where his passion takes him—and he never wants to stop.

Gonçalves applies the same passion to all his photos. Whether a commercial shoot for the tourism industry or a stunning shot of a rock formation in nature, clients know that every photo that makes it past his critical eye will become a masterpiece.

In addition to his commercial work, Gonçalves plans to add more architectural studies to his collection. His dream, he shares, is to collect photos of windows from every country of the world.

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